Big Thank You!

Dr. Katharina Klouda - donated a new Digital Temporal Thermometer that provides us the ability to test adult & child residents for fever.

Brad Martin, Kinsey's Pharmacy - donated a box of face masks for staff working in the shelter. He also donated much needed hand sanitizer, alcohol, 5 boxes of gloves, adult & children Tylenol, children's Acetaminophen oral suspension, children's rectal suppositories, Zinc, thermometers, and a box of children's books, stuffed animals and gifts. Included in this donation are five boxes of packaged snacks for shelter residents.

Stephanie Hyde, Tyler Continue Care Hospital - will be providing pizza dinner on Friday March 27th for our full shelter.

WIC - just delivered 14 of 12.oz containers of Similac baby formula. Just in time as a mother had just ran out of baby formula in the shelter.