To change the mindset of young adult males and in turn, break the cycle of sexism and violence against women by creating social diversity through education, advocacy and service. Not all men are the problem, but all men can be part of the SOLUTION!



Education – informing young men and boys of the way they contribute to sexism and violence against women

Advocacy – standing against violence and admitting that sexism and violence is just as much a man’s issue as it is a woman’s.

Services – training and initiating change in the mindset of young males to break the cycle of sexism and violence against women.

Men are not born violent. They become violent as a result of beliefs and social norms about what it means to be a man then using those beliefs to attain power and control. Working with young adult men can change these beliefs and social norms.


It’s Difficult To Argue Facts:

* 90% of people who assault are men

* Males perpetuate 95% of all serious domestic violence

* 99.8% of the people in prison convicted of rape are men

* 81% of men who beat their wives watched their father beat their mother or were abused themselves

* 1 in 3 women will fall victim to some form of abuse by a male in her lifetime

* 120 women in Texas were killed by their intimate partner in 2006.


What if one of these women were your mother, daughter, grandma, granddaughter, sister, aunt, cousin, or close friend?

Become an Ally!

Listen – Seek the perspective and listen to voices of women in leadership.

Avoid Defensiveness – Remain open to concerns and criticism by feminists and women.

Accept Responsibility – It’s not a woman’s responsibility to educate men.

Own the Issue – Accepting responsibility to speak out, allies speak for themselves.

Take Chances – Even though men may be afraid of doing the wrong thing or stepping out of line, it’s important they do so anyway.

Seek Support – Males can be more effective allies together.

Earn Trust – It is men’s responsibility to earn women’s trust when working to address sexism and violence.

Take Lead (at times) – Being an ally means knowing both when and how to take the lead.

Be Accountable – Accountability means acting in a manner that is consistent with your beliefs and attitudes.